No need for New Year resolutions


We kick off 2017 on the blog side very differently to our approach to training.

My observations conclude that it seems to be a good sign that sharing our stories with you fine people comes a little later than anticipated. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

So I’m proud to announce that Jonny and I have been blasting the gym throughout the most of January and its only a current set back (a story for another time) which provided me with time to breath and write.

We approached the new year with energy and new equipment that we had obtained before Christmas.

The addition of 2 20kg dumbbells essentially transformed our circuit style workouts and enabled us to keep up the high intensity whilst rapidly promoting explosive strength. This has ensured quick results in a month that demands just that.

I must admit it was looking sketchy for a while over Christmas as Jonny and I were struck with the flu.

Fortunately this eased off just in time for the new start and then it was very much business as usual, albeit with some new challenges and workouts to endure.

However there’s no need for me to harp on about how we were psyched to succeed with it being the new year blah blah blah.

I mean of course we were psyched. The only difference this year is that we felt equally as psyched as we did in 2016.

Although this may seem slightly anti-climax, for me its more than encouraging.

It demonstrates that my commitment to the gym is more than just a flame that is destined to fizzle out.

It has reminded me that I am not a January gym jester who only enjoys one 4 week boot camp a year.

So all that remains for us to do is to keep hitting it hard, keep feeling the results and just hope that we are not getting complacent as the final stretch of C&J approaches, along with some final challenges to end all challenges.

So if we pretend I’m writing this when initially intended, all that remains for me to say, is I best get back to it.

Until the next time.

Chris speaking from C&J Active.

Your everyday fitness friends.


I got 99 problems but my reach ain’t one


I found this quirky little edited song lyric on a t-shirt once and I’ve been dying to share it with the world in some way since.

I think what’s great about it is that it is actually really funny to a select few who get it. However not only is it humorous to certain enthusiasts, it also hits the nail on the head about the joy of a passion that is niche but growing rapidly.

If the term ‘reach’ didn’t give away the lyric’s true meaning for those not in the know, I am of course talking about the benefit of rock climbing.

I had an open minded moment a good few years back and embraced my first ever climb at the Climbing Hangar bouldering centre in Liverpool. I fell in love with the walls and developed an insatiable thirst for the sport.

Although life’s commitments make it hard to saturate my addiction these days, the walls always greet me like an old best friend; every time. And boy do we have fun!

For those who yet to be acquainted with the art of bouldering, it basically involves climbing (in or outside) on medium height surfaces that do not require the use of a harness and ropes. What no ropes I hear you cry!? Don’t worry you land on big, soft crash mats.

Rather than scaling huge heights, this sport is all about working out complex routes and utilising your body to ‘match’ a route, or in non climber talk, successfully finish the route.

The climbs vary significantly in difficulty and movement range. The place I go to categorises the routes in different colours depending on their difficulty. In terms of movement, the only way to describe it is sometimes it seems like your climbing a nice easy set of ladders and other times you might be hanging pretty much upside down like Tarzan scaling the underside of a thick branch.

So anyway I think my latest visit really reflected this rather catchy song lyric/saying the most.

I went at a time when my whole life was in upheaval. My job security was in serious doubt, I had just undertaking a mortgage and money was scarce.

Despite all of this and the thought of spending money I didn’t have, I went along for a climb anyway.

I had been a few weeks earlier and was determined to complete several routes, that only a few months back would have seemed impossible! I had been making great progress though and although I had previously struggled to complete these nasty little brutes, this time I was hopeful.

I started off on the easier routes to warm up.

I then took on a few new blue routes which were of moderate to hard difficulty for me.

I then went back to the 2 purple beasts which had slayed me on my last visit.

The first involved a carefully worked out start where the correct foot positioning was key. This then involved moving up into a position that prepared for a slightly overhanging leap of faith finish. And it was the last bit that tormented me.

But this time I was poised for glory and defeated the leap of faith on my first attack.

It was then on to purple route number 2. This involved a long climb with a nasty twist and overhang finish at the end.

It was the twist and overhang that butchered my spirit and my fingers the last time. But this time I was hungry for vengeance once more.

I quickly made it to the twist, this time planting my left foot on a lower hold. It gave me stability and from here I powered up with my right hand to finish the job.

The satisfaction gained from those 2 climbs for eminence. It felt like conquering Everest for a moment.

What’s more I hadn’t given any thought about anything else other than the wall until I had finished.

However when I did give real life some thought I started to think of things as a problem that can be solved- just like the wall!

Since then life has become much more stable and even though things are still getting tough at times, I just think of the time I completed not just 1, but 2 climbs that I had deemed impossible; and it gives me hope.

And even if all else fails I know I can venture back to my sanctuary and at least for a few hours I know my only problem in life is how to scale that wall!

Ps. I should note, Jonny and I both thrive on the climbing buzz and next time Jonny will introduce you to the world in which ropes and new heights offer an all together different kind of thrill and escape!

Until the next time!

Chris speaking from C&J Active

Your everyday fitness friends.

Half hours of hell

Image result for broken clock

The ever evolving journey of life has launched me into a vicious storm!

It seemed only 2 minutes ago that I was conquering my ambitions, both in the gym and at home; but in an instant this was plunged into anarchy.

I think it’s a given that nothing comes easy at C&J. We get intoxicated by a challenge and so were probably asking for it by having things so easy.

To put in bluntly, I was hit with redundancy with a baby mortgage to feed.

From training 5 days a week, I immediately nose-dived to 0 and all Jonny could do is watch helplessly whilst I crash landed.

After the initial shock was absorbed however, I decided to peel myself off the curb in typical C&J fashion.

Jonny convinced me that we could still train, regardless of the sorry situation and that it would do some good.

Herein the half hour blast was born.

I was less than up for the idea given the magnitude of my task, but reluctantly ran with it.

I turned up thinking let’s work up a little sweat, achieve some small gains and quickly move on to job jousting but Jonny had other ideas.

It quickly became clear that any hell I was currently enduring was about to be intensified. Like a flash of lightning in a storm, it upped the ante by a few thousand watts.

I was faced with a savage circuit in sauna like conditions as Jonny cranked up the heaters to achieve maximum sweating.

Our menu was a concoction of medicine ball slams, burpee dead-lifts, and brutal complex compound movements as well as many other devious endeavors. Anything to bring maximum pain in minimum time was invited to the party.

Each half an hour lasted a lifetime! It felt far longer than any full hour and an half session.

Even the full day row didn’t feel as long.

Sweat poured from every orifice as the heaters did their work and after every session my limbs shook from the impact.

At first I didn’t think I could cope with everything that was going on. It felt like the saying ‘go hard or go home’ had gone too far and going home was no longer a safe haven anyway.

After a few weeks however, I remarkably started to grow in strength; both physically and mentally. I started to enjoy the pain in the gym and outside of it.

Moreover I was stunned at now easily I could slip in time for intense training without it affecting a situation that was burdened by grave time constraints.

Every bit of anguish is making me more determined and with small steps of progress now being made in every aspect of life, I’m confident that I am sailing towards blue skies once more.

Until the next time!

Chris writing from C&J Active

Your everyday fitness friends.

Return of the Nomad


I’m back!!! I’m Fat!!! and I’m ready to hit the sack because I am tired, cold and unwell.

That was three days ago. Now I’m ready to start training again harder and more frequently than ever before. Life in the Mountainous Valleys of Nepal has worn me down for like Egyptian’s I have been plagued with challenges but like the Israelite’s i survived and I come back if not physically stronger but certainly mentally stronger and more determined than ever for here at C&J we thrive on overcoming challenges. ( To read more about my adventures go to our adventure and traveling tab)

My challenges were frequent almost constantly wearing me down, a month long vermin and insect infestation, scorching days and freezing mountain nights, torrential rain thundering down upon my tin shack roof, witch doctors and sacrifices, serve illness and debilitating infection. Of all these challenges by far the greatest challenge was not altitude or mind numbing cold or rats crawling over my while I slept but nutrition.

One of the key things the trip taught me was the importance of nutrition. A diet of nothing but Everest sized portions of Rice, Potatoes and Chilies twice a day every day is not ideal. The days I  managed to summon the energy to train, just using body weight exercises and a little creativity, i was punished for without any protein, or vitamins or we any nutrition at all other than carbs i would feel terrible for days afterwards. In fact without any nutrition at all it was hard even to rally my muscles and mind into action in the first place.

As such my perfectly sculpted abs have disappeared, Ok maybe not perfectly sculpted but at least toned. What has replaced my ‘work in progress’ abs you wonder, well its a rice belly and a big one at that. As such cardio and nutrition has never been so important as now I begin my journey to not only rapidly recover my lost fitness but to exceed it and become stronger and faster than ever.

Now begins C&J’s final chapter (at least for the foreseeable future) as i train to prepare myself to serve in the British Army and Chris strives to stay fit in a modern world where mortgages, bills and 9 till 5 desk work. In a way it’s poetic, the Nomad trains so he can give up his freedom for routine and disciple while the Office worker trains to break free from restrains of mundane repetitive modern life if only for a couple of hours a day. No matter our motives both Chris and I know that fitness and nutrition are key to a healthy life and that we will be in it together for as long as we can because together we train harder, we run faster, we succeed quicker.

That’s it for now

This is Jonny signing off

Remember to #BeAmbitious

The sun’s setting on high peaks


Time ticks on and waits for no man, even if you are at the top of the world.

In the blink of an eye 3 months has passed since I bid farewell to Jonny as he left to conquer the high peaks of the East. Now only a few weeks remain until he touches base in the UK once more.

Jonny’s Nepalese adventure was set to be his last and most challenging expedition to date; at least for the foreseeable.

Meanwhile his departure from C&J offered me one last chance to tackle lone training, before change engulfed us both.

In contrast to the dark wilderness of old, Jonny had occasional access to WIFI this time, thus giving me the ideal chance to reflect on the peak of C&J’s adventures. And in usual C&J style it has been anything but plain sailing…

I started my solo mission of isolation with vigour and commitment. I attacked the gym at least 3 times a week, managing to tick of cardio, strength, endurance and even abs. As soon as I had my diet sorted, I was flying!

Meanwhile at the other side of the world Jonny had absorbed the spectacular surroundings of Kathmandu. He had partied in typical C&J style, struggled a bit with the spicy food and narrowly avoided a riot. From what I gather, the riot was soon put to the back of his thoughts as he enjoyed a local massage instead of his original plans.

Before long Jonny was no longer in regular contact and had embarked on his remote quest to make a difference in the community.

All the while I continued to make progress, pushing hard to establish a work-out routine.

I don’t know why, but it’s always when we hit full stride that we suddenly get tripped up!

In the maturing day’s of current work and home life, I overindulged, mainly in the drink and paid dearly for my sin.

With only 2 weeks until I went on holiday I was pounded with an almighty illness that is only just turning into dying embers to date!

And when things take a plunge at C&J, it’s always together, even if we are separated by 5,000 miles of land and sea.

Jonny sent me several messages confessing to excessive smoking, mosquito problems and diet issues (no need to elaborate).

Just as my illness began to intensify, Jonny dropped the bombshell that he had been badly injured. He had fallen and sliced his leg pretty badly. With humid and remote conditions making the risk of lethal infection highly likely, it was tense times.

To add to an already complicated situation, Jonny told me he had fell for a local girl.

I soon became bed-bound and was concerned that I hadn’t heard from Jonny for a good while.

Obviously we are tough as old boots here at C&J. I think our previous challenges have proved this. Please see:  I started to fight off the illness and Jonny finally got back in touch to confirm his condition was improving.

So with only a few weeks left until this roller-coaster journey ends and another begins, we are both back in the carriage once more and are ready to gather pace.

I can’t say for sure exactly what tales of chaos Jonny has to offer, or what will happen during its conclusion. All I can say is that it will be a fun conversation we do touch base once more. After which I’m pretty sure things won’t quite be the same again.

For those intrigued by Jonny’s travel adventures, keep your eyes peeled in October for the start of his blog diary of mayhem from around the world.

Until the next time!

(Chris speaking) from C&J Active.

Your everyday fitness and travel friends.

Time to reach new heights


The dawn of a new day brings savage soreness to conclude 5 months hard work and not to mention a celebratory sore head.

So with little else to occupy us, I took this as the prime opportunity to probe Jonny on his final expedition into the unknown, over a Morrison’s breakfast.

As I write this, it is only a few days before Jonny departs on a 3 month adventure to Nepal.

Having conquered Kilimanjaro, defeated the dessert and jousted through the jungle, it is safe to say Jonny is itching to tackle his first ever trip to Asia.

In a trip that exchanges community building for mountains galore, spicy food and the occasional massage or meditation session, Jonny tells us about he aims to get stuck in; and keep fit at the same time.

What will your latest trip involve?

I will be undertaking a lot of research and teaching, but also after Nepal was hit by that awful Earthquake, I’m hoping to get stuck into some community  rebuilding.

In my downtime I might have to experience a massage for starters. I also know we get a couple of days off and there is a fairly large city, which is about a 4 hour walk away. I am definitely up for that trek and hopefully I can pick up some meat en route (wishful thinking). On a more serious note, I want to see the Himalayas, visit a tiger and elephant sanctuary, hit a gym and who knows what else. We will just have to see.

How do you feel about travelling to a new continent?

I’m no stranger to travelling, but for me it will be quite a trek into the unknown going to Asia for the first time. As you know I love bringing back native recipes and picking up new phrases. Hopefully I can do this again this time around. I do think the language could be quite a challenge though!

How have preparations gone for your latest trip?

Obviously our latest challenge was geared towards tackling both diet and cardio fitness.

Diet adjustment is crucial for me, as I will be eating a lot less than usual whilst I am away. I’m hoping the significant reduction in calories will help in this adjustment process.

Cardio fitness is also essential. I will be spending a lot of time trekking at altitude so having spent a lot of time running and rowing, will have hopefully helped me to prepare for that. The prospect of having a morning run, whilst watching the sun rise over the Himalayas, will make it all worth while.

Obviously this trip will involve being at high altitude. How do you think you will cope with this?

Yeah I have experienced how debilitating altitude can be, from when I tackled Kilimanjaro a few years back. So with this in mind I bought a training mask and have been using this fairly regularly; especially on the rower and during our morning runs. I’m hoping it will just give me that extra edge when I get there. Hopefully after a few weeks my body should have adjusted and then the idea of training at 2000 metres on a daily basis, is one I am really looking forward to!

How do you intend to keep the fitness levels up whilst away?

Lots of running and high intensity body weight circuits. I believe I am based on a farm so this may provide a useful opportunity to modify/ utilize items as gym equipment. I plan to record all workouts whilst away.

How do you think you will cope being away from C&J for an even longer period of time this year?

I think last time I came back, I more or less moved back to Yorkshire straight away for work. Therefore we never really got the see the effects expedition had on me. This time with lots of high altitude work and a healthy diet, I should come back fitter than ever.

The question is, how are you going to cope…?

What do you aim to achieve from this experience?

Being based at altitude, even if it is just 2000 metres will hopefully have a major boost on my fitness levels, assuming I can keep training up of course. It is quite important that I achieve this goal as I am going into the army shortly after I return. This is my 3rd and final expedition before joining the forces, so want to make the most of it, the best I can!

Jonny also informs me that he may have WIFI access at numerous intervals throughout his trip, so keep your eyes peeled for beautiful pics and live updates from the top of the earth where Jonny will be no doubt looking down and shouting, don’t forget to do your abs tonight!

Until the next time!

(Chris speaking) from C&J Active

Your everyday fitness friends.

A whirlwind of workouts


Me battling the morning run

So here we are again. And no it is not deja-vu.

It only seems like last week I was here reminiscing about a year of work outs and the end of an era, but bizarrely I’m here again with a similar story.

It was sudden surprise when Jonny announced he was heading home back in February, but I wasn’t surprised to learn it would again be a semi-permanent arrangement.

Moreover, there was little time to bask in the joy of a rekindled C&J, as it was straight back to work.

Jonny needed to prepare for his next adventure to Nepal and I was in drastic need of renewed gym motivation and gains.

So with these goals in mind, we embarked on round 2 and below is a summary of a hectic 5 months…

It all started with circuit hell! And the first few sessions were nothing short of torture.

Each rep was agony, with each and every muscle screaming out for sanctuary. Our initial ambitions were unrealistic and muscle recovery took far too much time to achieve.

After a few rough weeks though, we eventually got back into the swing of things. Workouts were becoming a success once more and definition was beginning to make a welcomed return to the party.

We then decided to innovate, with Jonny buying a bane style oxygen restriction mask and introducing the savage squat rack to our strength sessions.

Unfortunately Jonny’s flight feet then threw a spanner into the works as he spent a few weeks jetting off on a number of untimely drinking holidays. When I later followed suit with a drinking holiday of my own, its was quite clear that things had taken a turn for the worst.

To make matters worse, the weather decided to revert back to the typical British diva we all know and hate and cast a its miserable spell on us, ruining session after session.

Regardless of this, we eventually got back on track, but it meant we had lost a lot of valuable time. To counteract this Jonny had a master plan to promote success; and fast!

Here-in the diet challenge, morning running and 30, 30, 30, 30’s were introduced. I will be going into more gritty details about these nasty little endeavours in my next instalment.

Put simply, the morning runs created more time to train and the challenge offered the motivation to see things through. Twinned with this, the 30, 30, 30, 30’s enabled us to achieve great abs to reward our fat burning efforts a little more.

Unfortunately fate would smite us one more time as I became ill and out of action for over a week with only a week to go before our challenge. Luckily when the storm blew over I was gifted with one last week to put things right.

And boy did we use that week. Jonny’s trusty diary confirmed that we hit the gym harder than we had ever done before. Everyday was filled with some form of gain through pain activity. Put simply, everything we could do, we did.

So now we have parted again for now. We finished our challenge and achieved what we set out to. Jonny has gone to scale mountains full of beans and I am again back on track to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

But from here-on in, the future looks uncertain. As I prepare to move house and Jonny looks set for military action upon his return, things at C&J could once again seize to remain. Or should I say seize to remain the same. I think the motivation for health is deep rooted in our veins now and I think February just proved that our endeavours would be a life-long struggle.

A new adventure awaits and as our motivation to write and inspire remains, all that is left to say is…

Until the next time!

(Chris speaking) from C&J Active

Your everyday fitness friends.

Row, row and row some more


Jonny endures Rowing pain

A lot has happened since I last touched base on here.

Considering this was only a few weeks back, the mere thought is an exhausting one.

But the fact that I am here is a relief, as our last challenge was set to push Jonny and I to our absolute limits!

Last you may recall, we were both charging ahead with our preparations, but the sheer magnitude of what lay ahead was overwhelming.

So just to recap, the battle ahead dictated that Jonny and I must strip down by a staggering one stone. And for every pound over they must endure 1000 reps on the rower. All reps must be completed in 24 hours.

With literally days to go before the main event I was feeling sick to my stomach. The weight wasn’t shifting and I missed out on a crucial cardio blast.

Fortunately this was putting me off my food and I restricted myself to war style rations.

Meanwhile Jonny must have been feeling the heat too, quite literally, as he endured hours in sauna style gym conditions, pouring into a sticky sweatsuit.

Jonny weighed in and went first. He came in 5 pounds over the target. This added to my nerves as I was convinced he would hit.

His stint started early in the morning and went on for what seemed like a lifetime. I only received the occasional update and it did not sound pleasant!

I’ll never know exactly what happened during his date with the rower, all I know is that 6 hours later I at last received confirmation that the deed was done.

To add a twist to the tale, in a rare occurrence, Jonny admitted his potential for punishment had reached a step to far and limited my row to the same distance as his; should I exceed the weight count of course. This filled me with a mix of relief and sheer terror, but more so the latter, as I knew this challenge could only spell hell!

I weighed in on Friday night, 9 pounds over the target. I usually weigh in roughly 2 pounds under in the usual morning weigh, so I concluded it was 7 pounds over in total. It was disappointing but still pleasing when I considered my achievement in the wider scale of things. I had lost almost a stone.

So the next morning, it was simply pure punishment for me.

I started at 2.30pm and was feeling good. I was loading with energy items and water and began with a good stretch.

I had pondered the best strategy for a few days, but Jonny was quite adamant that I go with a 100 rep approach with small breaks, until 1000 reps and then have a slightly longer break. His reasoning very soon became clear.

Jonny also suggested that I should aim for each 100 within 5 minutes if I aimed to make good time.

So after starting my quest, it didn’t take long until the reality of the task hit me like a wrecking ball. I was already breaking a sweat.

Soon enough however, Jonny put on the second Hobbit film for me and I was suddenly finding my rhythm.

I was making great time and felt optimistic. I had a vision of knocking out the reps by the end of the film and enjoying the rest of the day, chilling with a burger and beers.

Jonny soon got bored and left me to endure my endless fate alone.

This was fine for a good while, but at 2000 reps I was suddenly hitting some kind of sailor wall. It was like a form of sea sickness. The constant movement back and forth was sending me doolally and a crippling ache in my lower back and arms was starting to kick in.

I was lifted from this trance with a great action scene in the film, but this proved only to be a temporary grace, as shortly after I lost all focus on the film and could only think of pain.

The half way point was an interesting marker. It felt good to make it half way, but disillusioned at the though of doing it all again.

Jonny came back to join me as the film finished and it was becoming clear that I was dropping off the early pace significantly. So much for my early film finish.

I was pre-warned about the torturous nature of the last 2000 reps and oh boy did they deliver! The arm and back pain became more intense with every rep and every rep got slower.

All I could do is slog it out and try to ignore the pain. It must have looked grotesque; sweat stained, red faced, angry and deranged. To make matters worse, the sun started to blaze through the windows.

A powerful hunger came over me with 1000 reps to go and I craved beer and burger like oxygen.

With a few hundred reps to go it was confirmed that Jonny had finished before me. It this point I did not care.

I battled for each and every rep. Jonny assured me that the last 200 were not too bad, due to the finishing line being in sight. I failed to feel that benefit until the last 100 and then suddenly it felt like magic. A burst of energy took over and I at last reached the shore!

A marathon on the rower was complete; and it took 6 hours 20 minutes. I was elated. However it didn’t really stem for pride, but rather relief! It’s only now upon reflection I can appreciate the achievement.

It was odd because after all those hours, the pain was less intense than in previous challenges. It’s quite clear that this challenge was one for the mind. Unexpected but ultimately we couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Getting yourself to the gym is a mental challenge; it is mind over matter and getting through life is exactly the same!

So if this does turn out to be mine and Jonny’s last challenge for many years to come, I’ll leave C&J content.

After all Jonny stated in his last blog, he believes that we should constantly push our limits and never give up. I believe in this too and think everyone should follow suit.

If you don’t quite understand what I mean, try doing the challenge for yourself and everything will soon become clear…

Until the next time!

(Chris speaking) from C&J Active

Your everyday fitness friends.

Farewell For Now

564736_511569332190807_1004528097_n20130827_06074212002999_10205301614203960_8987451392882256716_nSo it’s that time of year and I’m heading off on expedition again. What a year it’s been already, fears over global warming, terrorist attacks seemingly on a weekly basis, millions displaced due to the conflict across the Middle East and Africa, at a time when all nations, all people, need to come together, the United Kingdom votes, for better or for worse, to leave the European Union. Across the pond the USA looks, from my perspective, to be as (if not more) divided as us here in the UK. The world looks to be going mad.

All this uncertainty, all this tragedy, all the discrimination and riots and uprising. It makes our petty gripes here at C&J trivial unimportant. It simply puts life into perspective. I cant speak for Chris, but these awful events, they are the reason I go on expedition. The reason I train so hard. If I can go on expedition and use my skills, my strength to truly make a difference to even a single family then I have a responsibility to do so. If I can push my body to it’s limits; summiting a mountain, journey a jungle, crossing a desert. Then I am obliged to do so.

Expedition’s very nature is to explore the unknown. This doesn’t have to mean flying off to remote location never seen by man. Every day is an expedition. Life its self is an expedition. It’s a journey of self discovery and that for me is the true meaning of expedition because you will always find something unknown about yourself. Expedition is hard, it’s challenging and you have to be willing to put in the effort, you have to see how far you can go both physically and mentally. That’s why been active is so important; unless you push yourself every day, squeeze that extra rep out, run the extra mile, increase the weight till the bar bends then how do you know where your limit is? how do you know if you can get past the burn and reach new heights? how do you know if you have the perseverance to keep getting back up when your knocked down unless you train yourself to keep moving forward?

Everything I do in life, every decision I make is to make myself as strong, as durable, as versatile as possible so that whoever I come into contact with can hopefully find inspiration from me and in turn spread it to others till it becomes an epidemic. In these seemingly dark times of the 21st century the world needs heroes, and you don’t need to be worth billions and fly round in a iron suit or dressed like a bat, you don’t even need to part of a government super soldier experiment or even an alien from space. We can all be heroes, you just have the ambition to become one.

So this is goodbye from me and I leave the blog in the capable hands of Chris.

Farewell from me, Jonny and remember to




Training Mask Review

Oh, you think the gym is your ally, you merely adopted the gym. I was born to train, molded since birth. I didn’t see the outside of a gym until I was already a man; by then, it was nothing to me but a distraction also… Luke, I am your father. Yeah alright admittedly I spent the first week after buying the mask doing movie voice’s mostly Bane from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises and obviously who could resist trying Darth Vader.

Voice impressions aside, I’ve been using the mask fairly regularly, mostly on my morning runs but also while doing high intensity circuits, weights and boxing. I know there’s a lot of articles written by fitness guru’s on the science behind the mask and whether or not its actually good for you but I don’t want to go into that. I’m not really qualified to and honestly all I know is that you swap the valves around and it gets really hard depending on which valves you use and gives you one hell of a work out regardless of which setting your on. You sweat buckets and are blowing out your backside by the end but you feel like you’ve been pushed and accomplished something it’s not long before you want to keep raising the bar by adding the harder valves.

Since I began using the mask, though it did take a couple weeks to get use to, both Chris and I have noticed a dramatic increase both my cardio and general fitness most recently and notably when I did my Army fitness 1.5mile run on a scorching hot day in Endinburgh with a time of 9min 49 sec and beat two of the Paratrooper recruits. Also I lied I still do impressions more frequently than ever much to Chris’s annoyance but in my defense its really fun. Obviously the real test will be seeing how my cardio stands up when I travel to Nepal which was my main reason for getting the mask in the first place to prepare for altitude. These training masks are becoming increasingly popular and  I have to say I love mine, it’s pushed my fitness to new heights, and with a variety of stylish covers for them , including Spiderman, Ironman, Alien and you guessed it… Bane among others, I can continue on the path to get as ripped as possible while looking and sounding like the big bad Bane himself.

This is Jonny from C&J Active signing of but…

Remember to #BeAmbitious and to #BelikeBane